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Schaeffer Oil – Evolution and its Products

Schaeffer Oil is primarily known to enhance engine performance and eventually fuel the economy.

Evolution of Schaeffer:

Schaffer Manufacturing Company has been found in 1839. In the beginning, it has manufactured oils for steamboats and wagon trains. Since then, it has been the pioneer in the development of many current lubrication concepts. It uses a wide range of additives, modifiers, and synthetics in the process.

Adapting to the needs of customers for over 175 years, new technology advancements enroute for future success. It has brought advancement in the performance for extending the life of the lubricant.

It is a single source supplier of fuel additives, synthetic oils, industrial lubricants. Diverse range of Schaeffer Oil products include:

  • Greases,
  • Chain lubes,
  • Degreases,
  • Motor Oils,
  • Hydraulic Fluids,
  • Friction Modifiers,
  • Industrial Oils, etc.

These advance lubricants have proved to improve performance and reliability.

Industries that use Schaeffer:

Schaeffer products are opted by a variety of industries, like, national refineries, trucking companies to individual farmers for the functioning of their various equipment. Its products are mainly beneficial for industries like:

  • Agriculture,
  • Mining,
  • Marine,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Construction,
  • Trucking, and
  • High-Performance Racing.

Schaeffer Products:

  • Energy Conserving Products – It has been developed for extended use. The main aim behind this is to lessen the impact on the environment and cut disposal costs.
  • Soy Shield and Soy Ultra – Schaeffer manufactures Soy-based fuel additives.
  • Wet-Sol and Wet-Sole Gro – Products aimed to reduce the water necessity in drought-prone areas.
  • Penetro and Micron Moly – Lessen the temperature and extend the lubricant life.
  • Schaeffer Seal Tire Sealant – Seals tire to keep them inflated for a long time.
  • Biodegradable Lubricants – Dissipate rapidly when spilled into sensitive environmental areas.
  • Racing Oils – Schaeffer offers a line of oils that are specifically designed for the automobile racing industry.

Blended with detergency additives, Schaeffer’s oil disperses harmful residue, keeping your vehicle engine clean and protected.

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