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Here’s the Best Time to Sell Your Car and Purchase Another

If you have been thinking about purchasing a newer car, you may find yourself wondering if there is a better time to sell your car and purchase a newer one from used car dealers. If you are considering changing your vehicle, here are a few of the best times to sell your car and purchase another one. 

Consider the Season

When you are looking to sell your used car and purchase another, you may want to consider the season. Used cars are faster to sell, and often sell for a bit more, in the spring and summer months. As such, if you are looking to sell a used car, you may want to do so when the temperatures begin to warm up.

However, keep in mind that the price of used cars typically drops a bit in the fall and winter, which can help you to get a great price on a used car that you are buying. 

Based on Your Mileage

Another thing to consider when you are looking to sell your car and purchase another is the mileage of your car. If you are near a mileage milestone, such as 100,000 or 150,000, you may want to consider selling your car before you hit that milestone. Once you hit it, the price of your car may decrease. 

When Your Car No Longer Meets Your Needs

Finally, consider selling your car when it no longer meets your needs. If your family size has changed or your driving habits have changed, and you now need a bigger car or a car that gets better fuel efficiency, sell the car quickly. There is no point in holding onto it or waiting. 

When you are ready to purchase from a used car dealership, let Auction Direct USA help you. Visit us today to see our full selection of cars and let us help you get out of your older one and into a newer vehicle. 

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