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Golf Driving Tips – 2 Ideas to Increase The Distance for your Golf Drive Now

Golf driving tips could be the most widely used swing action tips around.

And with regards to striking the drive, more golfers have an interest

in adding distance for their drive than other things. Just how do

you set more distance for your golf drive?

Okay, everyone knows you drive for show and putt for dough, but let us

face the facts, most amateur golfers would still like to add distance to

their drives. Refer to it as ego if you would like, but all of us get much more

satisfaction of hitting that perfect drive than we all do from almost

every other golf shot.

As the driver itself as well as your own strength can also add distance to

your golf drive, they will not help in case your swing action technique is not

good. Everything extra distance in your drive starts and ends with

good swing technique.

Adding more distance for your golf drive means concentrating on the important thing

aspects that generate power whenever your clubface makes connection with

the ball.

Golf Driving Tip #1 – Go wide. If you wish to add distance for your

golf drive, widen your stance. This adds more stability for your

stance for any more effective swing. Within this wider stance, place a

a bit more weight lying on your back feet at address. This enables

for any more effective coil whenever you turn from the ball.

Golf Driving Tip Two – Go wide again. This time around, go wide with

your backswing. Which means you must extend around the takeaway.

Your takeaway ought to be as wide as you possibly can. The takeaway should

be considered a wide slow arc.

The extension of the arms out wide helps you to pull the left shoulder

beneath your face and also the back muscles extend.

Make certain to rotate your left forearm (should you hit righty) to ensure that

the clubface of the driver stays square towards the road to your swing.

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